Who We Are

We are attorneys who understand the work you do and the difficulties you face when it comes to getting paid. It’s no secret that the law has been written against you and that insurance companies are looking for any reason to deny your claim despite the work that you have done. We’ve studied the new Assignment of Benefits laws in depth and have developed policies, procedures, and documents that are compliant and effective in making sure you are paid as quick as possible for your work.

What We Do

We offer a service no one else does – to handle your claims from the day you arrive at the job site until the final resolution of the case. We are there to ensure your company is always in compliance with all applicable regulations so you get paid for your work.  We are dedicated to resolving your invoices early and not dragging on litigation just to inflate attorneys’ fees like other firms.

From the moment you leave the job site on Day 1, we handle the administrative aspects of the job – like making sure you are fully compliant with Florida’s new Assignment of Benefits Statute. Once you are finished with the job, we will submit everything to the insurance company and make sure you get paid for your work as quickly as possible. Our approach makes sure you can focus on the next job instead of constantly worrying about how, when, or if you’ll ever get paid for the job you just finished.

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What Makes Us Different

ICP is a full-service law firm focusing entirely on Assignment of Benefits insurance cases. As a law firm we have the ability to handle your case literally from Day 1 when you leave the job site until you get paid for your work – whether through negotiating with the insurance company or filing a lawsuit. Our lawyers are the ones handling your claim from the first call with the insurance company until your check clears.

We have developed a comprehensive, step-by-step process that will make sure you avoid all the pit falls and traps the insurance companies included in Florida’s new AOB Laws.

What Is The Cost

20% or 0%. Simple as that (and NO contracts).

If we get the insurance company to pay your invoice without a lawsuit, our fee is 20% of the recovery amount. If we have to file a lawsuit to recover your invoice, we take NO FEE from your recovery. 

We do not require you to sign any long term contracts to do business with us – you can send us 1, 10, or all of your claims – it’s up to you. 

We’re confident that after working with us on 1 claim you’ll realize there is no reason for you to ever have to deal with an insurance company again!

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